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Play, learn, protect

Have you ever wanted to dissect an owl pellet? Did you ever wonder how does a caterpillar actually dissolve into a chrysalis? Or why are Spotted Salamanders so bright colored? Do you want to know what does it feel like to find a newt, wild and free, in a creek and just look at it?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes, then you are in the right place!

Zharity Earth proudly presents a new ongoing program for children aged 4-10 (accompanied by a parent or caretaker) to learn about the natural environment. Together, we explore all the living things that surround us right here, in the Zürich area. The meetings will take place in an outdoor school setting: sometimes it will be a field, sometimes the shore of a hidden away pond, sometimes a spooky moor and sometimes right next to a witch's house. We firmly believe in hands-on, inquiry based pedagogy. As such we encourage children to take the lead, ask questions and get dirt all over their clothes.

And it doesn't stop here, Explorers club has its own garden in Oberrieden, where if nothing else, dirt is guaranteed. We want to create and sustain and eco-garden, together with the children. One that celebrates biodiversity, while letting us discover the interconnectedness and complexity of a habitat.

Children will learn the basics of scientific observation and how to keep a naturalist journal. We will not shy away from using scientific terms, when they are applicable, but will also endeavor to not bore the kids to death. They will learn through play, exploration, gardening, writing, drawing and other hands-on activities.

Have a look at the Events page for upcoming Explorers Club events.


Come and explore with us!

Starter kit: 10 CHF
Participation fee: 8 CHF / lesson/child
This includes a snack and a beverage.

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