There’s so much happening at Zharity - we’re always looking for more volunteers and new ideas!

Zharity is volunteer-run and we offer many opportunities: from organizing an event for your favorite charity or setting up a collection drive, to joining the core organization team, there are many ways to get involved. If any of this sounds good we’d love to hear from you! Contact us here or at and join our team of fantastic volunteers!

Volunteering opportunities

We are currently looking for:

●         Event organizers for awesome Zharity events

●         Event coordinators to take charge and  make sure events run smoothly

●         Volunteer outreach coordinator

Event and project ideas

You have an idea for a great event of charity project? We'd be glad to help you set it up!

All ideas are welcome: a one-time event or a longer running project, volunteering or fundraisers, in the local neighborhood or at a fancy bar, for refugees, for prisoners of conscience, for the elderly, for animals or for trees, don't hesitate to share your idea with us! We just may be able to help you make it happen!