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Hello from the Collections Team!

Our fun, energy-filled group coordinates collections for charities in Zurich and around the world. We support organizations helping people and animals in need that could benefit from in kind donations. We run collection drives for all kinds of items, including clothes, toys, books, pet goods, and eyeglasses.

Some  organizations we have supported in the past include:

Collections FAQ

Where and when can I donate?

We run collections about one week each month. Look for information on the Events page or the Zharity Facebook page. We’ll announce locations for dropping off donations at the start of each collection.

I have a lot/big things to donate and I can't get them to the donation site?

If your items are on the bigger/many side feel free to contact us and we’ll sort out a way to get everything.

I have things I want to donate but there's no collection right now?

Contact us and we can sort out a way to get your donations. It’s better if items are not left at the donation point, outside of collection times.

I have things I want to donate but they aren't what you're collecting?

Contact us! We’d be glad to help you find a home for your donations.

Is there anything that I shouldn't donate?

Please donate clothes that are clean, without stains, holes, or tears. If you do have clothes that are overworn that you would like to get give away, H & M has a textile recycling program with drop boxes in all stores for collecting clothes, no matter their condition. We are unable to take food or medicine that have expired, as they are unfortunately no longer usable.  

Is there a charity that's important to you, whether it's here in Zürich, your home community, or a place that's just close to your heart?

 We’d be glad to work with you! Contact and we’ll get a plan in place.

Our main collection partner, Heilpädagogische Frühberatung

Zharity has partnered up with Heilpädagogische Frühberatung, an early childhood special education service in Winterthur. This organization offers intensive coaching and support to parents with young children who have difficulties coping, due to financial, social, mental and/or physical problems.

We Zhariters have the opportunity to put a smile on these children's faces by donating clothes, toys and baby/children's equipment that enables them to play, laugh, learn and enjoy life just a little bit more.

Here's some heartwarming feedback that we received from one of the social workers after a recent drop-off:

'On behalf of the mother I want to sincerely thank you again! The joy over the donated clothes and toys was immense; the boy immediately started playing with the Lego, the little girl with the doll. We are very thankful that you made this possible!'

How can you contribute?
Zharity regularly receives lists from the social workers identifying specific items that their families desperately need. We will share these lists with you via our Facebook page.

Help us make a difference by:

  • Donating items that are on the list from your own household

  • Doing some treasure hunting in your social circles

  • Looking for bargains on second hand social media groups and local thrift shops

We are always looking for:

  • Adjustable high chairs (like Tripp Trapp)

  • Duplos

  • Legos

  • Wooden train tracks

  • Toys that provide multi-sensory stimulation (lights, sounds, etc.)

Contact Zharity's Amanda at for more information.

Website:  Heilpädagogische Frühberatung

Zharity Collections Project Team

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