Successful Flea Market for Action for Women and Zharity

Many thanks to everyone who joined us at the Flea Market!

We raised almost 1400 CHF, all of which will be 100% matched by Google. Funds will go to Action for Women (80%) and Zharity (20%). This is more than we were expecting and we are truly thrilled!

We couldn't have done it without all the great donations that we received. We had about 35 crates of clothes, toys, household goods, name it! Thank you for such generosity in your donations!

We also had an amazing team of volunteers who pitched right in to get everything organized for the sale. It wouldn't have happened without you! Many thanks to Fathima, Shanthy, Catherine, Daniela, Christina, Kamini, Ansam, Alexandra, and Annika for all of your help and positive energy!

We are very indebted to Eva and Kamini for picking up the remaining donations and getting them delivered to Arche Brockenhaus, Chramschopf, and Caritas.

Many thanks to Chandeep for joining us to sell her beautiful drawings and donating all proceeds to charity!

Thanks so, so much to Vicky for all the promotion work and management of the many (and often growing!) logistics of the sale.

Thanks very, very much to Alex for connecting Zharity to Action for Women. We're thrilled to support an organization that's doing critical work to support women refugees in Greece.

And, a big thanks to Elaine for managing the enormous internal logistics!

It would not have happened without you all!